Drip Liquid

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Buttercup Cereal

You’ll swear you can hear the “tink tink tink” of all those puffy cereal rounds landing in your bowl as you fill your tank. Taste the milk that found its way through the maze of crunchy peanut butter & chocolate graham cracker on the exhale. The sizzle of the coils, like the crackle that let us know the delicious concoction was ready for a spoon, gives way to mouthwatering greatness. Taste the experience wherever you go with our Buttercup Cereal! 80/20:VG/PG

Cinnamon Crunch

From first bite to the last those cinnamon squares have held the delicious cinnamon sway over our taste buds. No longer is that the case we have that essence in every bottle of our Cinnamon Crunch to help you cope without having to carry a bowl. 80/20:VG/PG

Honey Boats

Granola goodness sure to remind you of a best selling American cereal! This eLiquid is packed with a bunch of honey and a bunch of oats sprinkled with delicate crunchy nuts. Forget the spoon and milk, you’ll need to vape a bottle of Honey Boats to enjoy this sweet tour of milk and honey oat clusters. 80/20:VG/PG