Ego 100mAh Twist Kit


eGo CE6 Clearomizers are the newest innovation of the eGo CE4 Clearomizer product line which features a new Changeable Head System.

The all new eGo CE6 Clearomizers are built to disassemble into four parts (CE6 Base,CE6 Tube, CE6 Clearomizer Head and CE6 Drip Tip Mouthpiece) which allows you to easily remove and clean/replace your Clearomizer's Head (contains Wick and Heating Coil) instead of replacing an entire Clearomizer.

eGo CE6 Clearomizers feature a Tank System that does not use any filler material or poly-fiber and can store up to 1.6mL of E-Liquid inside it's reservior.

E-Liquid is fed to the heating coil near the top of the CE6 Clearomizer through four long silica wicks that extend through the heating coil.

eGo CE6 Clearomizer Tubes are made from a transparent and highly durable plastic (polyethylene) that has graduated measurements which makes filling/refilling a very easy process.

eGo CE6 Clearomizers can produce huge clouds of vapor, has excellent flavor, and a great like-smoke throat hit!

Includes charger USB.