WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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About Smoke & Vapor King

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Smoke & Vapor King is your go-to online and in-store outlet to supply you with quality vape products at everyday low prices!
We specialize in stocking a wide range of Disposable Vape Devices, Vape Kits, Hardware and more. Our volume of products may seem overwhelming, however, having a large range of products is essential for us to cater to all of our customers needs. No customer is the same and we aim to fulfill the needs of all!

The world of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices has evolved, and continues to grow, at a rapid rate. It can certainly be a confusing journey and we find great satisfaction in not only supplying our valued customers with high quality products but also offering in-house support and guidance wherever needed.

Mission Statement:

1. Take care the customers in any way possible.
2. Provide the highest quality products possible.
3. Bring the best quality products at the lowest possible price.
We believe respect, trust, and sincerity are three most important factors that drive us successful. Come and shop with Smoke & Vapor King. You will not be disappointed.


We are here to serve your needs and will continue to research and develop innovative new products that will allow you to provide the best vaping experience for your customers.