WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Smoke & Vapor King Return Procedure 

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. All returns must be shipped with tracking, and in a protective box to prevent against further damage. All returned merchandise will be tested by our staff. If we find that there was nothing wrong with the item, or the item was damaged through improper use, you will be responsible for return shipping costs should you request the item be returned to you. However, if the item is, in fact, defective or malfunctioning, we will ship you a new replacement at our expense.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our warranty and refund policy or any policy on our website, please call us at BEFORE placing your order. Orders placed constitute an agreement with our Terms of Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Warranty & Refund Policies respectively.

All policies listed are subject to change without notice.

Smoke & Vapor King is always working towards making it easier for our customers.
To speed up the returns process, we are implementing a new procedure.

If you have a DOA - (dead on arrival) - or a product not working to the manufacturer specifications. You can follow the instructions below and it will be processed by our China office within days instead of the weeks you have to wait if you bring it to our USA


  1. Take a video of the product's behavior.
  2. - Make sure you take video of the whole process including the startup. 
    ALSO, include any bar-code or serial numbers from the device. 
    - Make sure you show how it works or does not work. 

  3. Locate the invoice of purchase. You will need the invoice number and date.
  4. - You can find all your invoices on the website - just log in to your account. 

  5. Send an email to info@bpelectronics.cn

  6. Include in the subject line - the full product name

  7. In the body of the email
  8. - Please put the invoice number and date of purchase 
    - Describe the problem 
    - Attach the video 
    - Your name and title 
    - Your company name & contact info. 

  9. Our China office will send it directly to the manufacturer. Upon approval from the manufacturer.
  10. Our office will send you and us a return authorization number.  
    We will replace that product for you on your next order or as soon as it available back in stock. 

    ALL others please see your local warehouse - USA warehouses will NOT process any DOA or Defective product returns.